Flag Throwing


Flag twirling is one of the oldest national sports of Switzerland. Like wrestling or yodeling, this art is presented primarily at traditional festivals.

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As if there was nothing easier in the world, the flag throwers whirl their fluttering flags through the air while radiating an admirable calmness and serenity. But the apparent effortlessness comes only after an intensive training: any hasty little movements destroy the art. It is indeed an art to master 99 different kinds of flag twirling as skillfully with the left as with the right hand: from body turns to flat tossing to high tossing. Flag throwing, usually accompanied by traditional alphorn blowing, is part of the customs displayed at folk festivals.

It is also one of Switzerland’s oldest national sports. At yodeling or wrestling festivals the candidates compete in three-minute “battle exercises”. If you want to try your hand at tossing a flag high, take part in a course, for example, in Entlebuch, on Klewenalp or in the Emmental Valley.

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Jogo das bandeiras em Brunnen
De meados de junho a meados de setembro, todas as quartas-feiras à noite (se não chover), o grupo folclórico local joga as bandeiras para o alto no centro da aldeia, toca a corneta alpina e entusiasma visitantes de todo o mundo. E dá a todos que quiserem a oportunidade de, eles mesmos, colocar a mão na massa.

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Jogo das bandeiras na Biosfera de Entlebuch
Levante a bandeira e jogue-a para cima. Uma vez por ano, no verão europeu, é realizado um curso do jogo das bandeiras na Biosfera de Entlebuch. É possível reservar aulas particulares durante todo o verão europeu.

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