Os 330 km de ciclovias transformam Flims Laax Falera numa pista de bicicletas. Acima do desfiladeiro do Reno, em torno de uma montanha gigante – aqui, a natureza é o local de recreio dos ciclistas.

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The unmistakable landscape of Flims was formed by a natural disaster known as the Flims Rockslide. It is a very attractive destination, especially for families. Kids can go on an expedition with Ami Sabi, a magical friend of the animals and the forest, to learn all about the beauty of nature. The perfect place for anyone who enjoys exercise and breathtaking natural scenery.


Whether you're looking for action on Europe's longest flow country trail or relaxation by Lake Cauma, you're sure to find it here. Mountain bike routes, hiking and themed walking trails, the «Pinut» via ferrata, the high-rope course and golf make for holidays full of variety for the whole family. A special highlight is river rafting in the «Swiss Grand Canyon».


  • Ruinaulta Rhine gorge – rugged and romantic natural scenery in the so-called «Swiss Grand Canyon» with river rafting facilities.
  • Lakes Cauma, Laax and Cresta – the deep blue and turquoise mountain lakes of Flims Laax Falera are perfect for relaxation, bathing and barbecues.
  • Tectonic Arena Sardona, UNESCO World Heritage Site – the only mountain formation of its kind in the world.
  • Paradise for bikers – 330 kilometres of mountain bike routes for families and freeriders alike.
  • «Trutg dil Flem» water trail – an award-winning hiking trail through the rockslide area with unique gorge landscapes and seven bridges by famous Graubünden bridge builders.
  • «Pinut» via ferrata – Switzerland's oldest fixed-rope route can be used by visitors as young as 12 with the right equipment.
  • Ami Sabi Summer Wonderland – children from 4 to 10 join the «king of the Alps» to discover Flims and its stunning natural setting.

Principais Eventos

  • rocksresort Summer Market – culinary specialities, traditional crafts and stories with and about Ami Sabi in Laax-Murschetg (June).
  • Traditional Alpine descent – more than 100 magnificently decorated cows make their way down from the pasture to the valley each year (September).

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