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Rabbit museum


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Rabbit museum
7000 rabbit exhibits made of a great variety of material are on display at the rabbit museum - in the form of miniature rabbits, toys, decorative objects and utensils, books, jewellery, etc.

But you will also find the good old stuffed animals in this well-kept museum. Among the many things visitors will find are a number of odd and rare items and moveable rabbits which are gladly demonstrated to visitors.



Opening hours
Every last Wednesday of the month from 2 till 5 pm and every last Sunday of the month from 1 till 6 pm.

Entrance fee
Adults CHF 7.00, children from 6 to 16 years CHF 5.00.

Getting there
S 5 train from Zürich or Pfäffikon SZ to Bubikon, 4-minute walk to the museum. In Bubikon direction to the train station, next to the post office.

Tours for school classes, groups and associations upon request. Special exhibits also occasionally on display.

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