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St. Katharinental

Kirche, Kapelle, Kloster

Tempo hoje Instável,chuva,neve ‎5° Instável,chuva,neve
Sexta-feira 3<i>°</i>‎3°
Sábado 3<i>°</i>‎3°

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St. Katharinental
The former Dominican convent St. Katharinental lies directly on the banks of the Rhine, just below Diessenhofen. The church was built from 1732 - 1735 and is a fine example of one of the most beautiful late baroque buildings of Switzerland.The magnificent altars, pictures, ceiling paintings and the baroque organ, richly decorated with angels playing music, made by the Thurgau organ builder, Johann Jakob Bommer - lend to this unique atmosphere.The convent experienced a musical zenith in the 18th century. The comprehensive, preserved music supplies give a realistic picture of former times of the convent and give us an insight into the music from those days and demonstrate the convent's intensive music patronage. They are mostly based on performing materials for Catholic Church music of the 18th and early 19th century (Mass, Magnificat music, Offertories, Arias, etc.), but also concert-like instrumental works (concerts, symphonies, sonatas, etc.) are found in great number.The convent was closed in 1869 and transformed into a senior citizens' home and nursing home by the Canton of Thurgau.

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