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Sternwarte Schaffhausen

Planetarium, public

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Sternwarte Schaffhausen
Schaffhausen’s observatory was opened in 2012 and it replaced the over 60-year-old observatory situated in Steig. It boasts a large observatory equipped with instruments for observing the sky. The largest is a 40 cm mirror diameter Newton reflector; with the smaller telescopes you can search for celestial objects yourself, under guidance.There is no reason to miss out on astronomy in Schaffhausen’s observatory even when the sky is cloudy: In the modern 25-seat planetarium, it is possible to make breathtaking trips into outer space. Films in 360° can also be shown.A well-equipped training room offers space for about 35 people. Here you can enjoy an introduction into the secrets of astronomy.And if you already know all about astronomy: from the planetarium’s terrace enjoy a unique view of the town of Schaffhausen and the nearby Randen hills.To quench your thirst go to the «Astro-Bar», where in good weather you can also sit outside.Guided tours for groups on request.

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