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The government building in Vaduz

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The government building in Vaduz
Completed in 1905, the government building in Vaduz is the official seat of the government of the Principality of Liechtenstein and is located at the southern entrance to the pedestrianised area of the capital.

The government building is part of the government district centered around the Peter-Kaiser-Platz square. Together with the house where composer Josef Gabriel Rheinberger was born, the St. Florin parish church built in 1873 and the newly constructed parliament building, it dominates the southern entrance to the historic centre of Vaduz, known as the 'Städtle'.

The government building and the Administrator's House ('Verweserhaus') underline the fact that since 1342 Vaduz has been the capital and - with several brief intermissions - official residence of the sovereigns who ruled over the former County of Vaduz. The building was designed by the Princely Architect Gustav Ritter von Neumann.

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