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The Schlösslekeller

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The Schlösslekeller
Created in 2003, the Schlösslekeller in Vaduz is Liechtenstein's only small-scale theatre.

The group of five who created the theatre has now grown into a nine-strong team supported by around 40 volunteers. In less than a decade the Schlösslekeller has become a permanent fixture in Liechtenstein's cultural scene, attracting international stars and giving local artists the chance to perform in a professionally run theatre. Indeed, one of the declared aims of the Schlösslekeller is to promote young and unknown actors.

The inspiration behind the theatre was the Liechtensteiner Gabarett (LiGa), a regular evening of cabaret and stand-up comedy taking a humorous look at the people and politics of Liechtenstein. Since its transformation into the Schlösslekeller, the small-scale theatre has become very popular throughout the region. The theare is housed in the former Hotel Schlössle, on the Fürst-Franz-Josef-Strasse road in Vaduz.

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