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In the footsteps of the smugglers

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In the footsteps of the smugglers
In Barmaz, follow Séraphin the Smuggler down the Smugglers'Trail and learn about his life, his chalet and his beloved mountains. He will enthrall you with the stories, secrets and a few lively anecdotes about the region's 'contrebandiers'.

This trail, created with the help of the Espace Mont Blanc, is made up of 4 different routes, which take from 1 to 3 hours to complete and are perfect for both experienced hikers and for amateur walkers out for a Sunday stroll.

"Le sentier à tire d'ailes" leads to one of the most important ornithological sites in the Alps. From August to October, thousands of passerine (songbirds) and predatory birds fly through this pass, putting on a spectacular aerial ballet as they wing their way to warmer climes.

"Le sentier nature" explores the rich diversity of flora and fauna and the spectacular geology of this part of the Alps.

"Le sentier rural" takes you on a trip back in time. As you learn about water-run sawmills, chalets and the people who lived here, you will experience life as it was in the old days on the plateau of Barme.

"Le sentier forestier" walks you deep into the forests of Barme. You will relive the dramatic 1962 hurricane, learn about wood and its 'predators' and explore the important role forests play in these mountains.


Horários de abertura:

All year long everyday.

In winter the paths are accessible from Grand-Paradise with snowshoes accompanied by a guide.

In summer the road to Barme is open for cars from Mid-May till November (depending from the snow).


During the winter the mountain guide must be payed.

In summer the pathes are free of fees

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