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As vilas alpinas de Unterbäch, Bürchen e Eischoll estão situadas em um planalto ensolarado no alto vale do Ródano. Estes pequenos resorts familiares na região de Augsbord são um verdadeiro paraíso da primavera ao outono, e região de esportes de inverno muito procurada por famílias no inverno.

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There are fabulous views from this sunny high plateau, situated on the Augstbordhorn at an altitude of about 1200 m. It is accessible from Visp and Turtmann by road and cable railways run from Raron to Eischoll and Unterbäch. On the opposite side of the Rhone Valley towers the imposing Bietschhorn. Thanks to their central location in the Upper Valais, these holiday resorts are ideal for excursions in the Valais.

The resort of Bürchen, also known as ‘Birkendorf’ has devoted itself entirely to the birch trees, after which it is named. Along the Birch Trail you can learn everything there is to know about this native tree. Visitors to the area can enjoy 220 km of footpaths and 70 km of cycle trails. Special children’s entertainments are organised in July and August.


Because the climate here is so dry, farmers in the Augstbord region, as in many other areas in the Valais, have constructed irrigation channels. There are now footpaths along these so-called ‘suonen’. Watch cheese being made in the huge ‘Käse-Chessi’ in the alpine cheese dairy. Rent a ‘monster scooter’ and enjoy an exhilarating ride from the Brandalp down to Raron. There are also 60 km of mountain bike trails to explore.

After spending the day out grazing, more than 100 cows return to the barn on the Moosalp each evening so that they can be milked. To reach the barn they have to go on the road and this holds up all motorised traffic for about 30 minutes. Many of the cows that spend the summer on the Moosalp are of the Eringer breed. This is a pitch black cow famous from cow fighting in canton Valais. Today, Eringer cows are almost exclusively found in Valais. Driving the cows is a colourful event that draws crowds of onlookers from near and far every day.


  • Suonen – these ancient, man-made irrigation channels are typical features of the Valais, and it’s very pleasant to wander along them.
  • Moosalp – where one of the best mountain restaurants in Switzerland is to be found. A small road leads from Bürchen to the Moosalp and on to Törbel in the Vispertal. There is a rewarding walk through the nature conservation area to the viewing point at Stand.
  • Stand – an easy hiking path from the Moosalp leads to the Stand viewing pulpit, with a view of 13 church towers – each representing a locality – throughout Upper Valais. A walk that's always worthwhile.
  • Zermatt and Saas-Fee – an excursion to one of the top Valais destinations leads through nearby Vispertal. In summer, it’s possible to take a ‘shortcut’ via the Moosalp mountain road.

Principais Eventos

Literatura Days in Bürchen: Writers 'Workshop em Birkendorf na região de Augstbord (julho)

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