Campo Blenio


Located at the foot of the pyramid-shaped Sosto mountain (2221 meters), Olivone is the starting point for excursions and hiking tours to the impressive Greina Plateau, to the untouched Val di Campo or to the Luzzone Reservoir Lake.

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Traveling in the direction of the Lukmanier Pass (Valle Santa Maria), one reaches the Eco Center in a park-like natural landscape in Acquacalda. A pension (Bed&Breakfast accommodation) and a restaurant are also found here. To the East is the steep Adula Massif with the Rheinwaldhorn, the highest mountain in the region.

Olivone, located on the pass, experienced its heyday in the High Middle Ages, when the Lukmanier Pass was an important arterial road and trade route. Stately mansions and wooden farmsteads with stone-built kitchens form the panorama of the village. The Ca da Rivöi Museum exhibits statues, paintings and artifacts from the valley’s religious life. The small dairy farm Caseificio Töira offers fresh dairy products.

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