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Rothenthurm: Blick vom Huob auf - mit Kirche

Rothenthurm: Blick vom Huob auf - mit Kirche

A maior charneca da Suíça, na região central do país, entre Rothenthurm e Biberbrugg, foi preservada com sucesso. A ampla paisagem de terrenos pantanosos é uma importante área de conservação de plantas e animais, além de ser, para o visitante, um lugar fascinante em se tratando tanto de relaxamento quanto de aventura.

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The village of Rothenthurm is in the foothills of the Alps at about 930 m in the upland valley of the Biber between Schwyz and Einsiedeln. The Letziturm with its red shingled roof, built in 1323, gave Rothenthurm its name and is always associated with the place. Another noteworthy place to visit in the village is the parish church of St. Antonius, one of the most important churches in the canton of Schwyz.

With the acceptance in 1987 by the Swiss people of the so-called Rothenthurm Initiative, a legal framework was created to protect the upland moor of Rothenthurm and also other moors in Switzerland. This moorland area provides a habitat for many species of animal that are threatened with extinction. Rare creatures such as quail, meadow piper and whinchat can be seen, and protected plants such as rare cotton grasses, ragged robin and orchids.


The upland valley with its protected moorland landscape is a popular area for walking and cycling. There are outings to the Morgartenberg with views of Lake Ägeri (on the shores of this lake in 1315 the Battle of Morgarten took place, the first battle between the confederate forces and the Habsburgs), to the monastery village of Einsiedeln, or to the adventure paradise of Sattel-Hochstuckli, to name but a few. There is also provision for Nordic Walkers and riders.


  • Upland moor of Rothenthurm – the upland valley of the Biber, the plain between Rothenthurm and Biberbrugg, is considered a moorland of outstanding natural beauty with sites of national importance.
  • Voralpen-Express – links Lucerne with Romanshorn on Lake Constance and crosses the Biber valley.
  • Benedictine monastery at Einsiedeln – main St. Mary Pilgrimage destination in Switzerland, with impressive cloisters and a "black Madonna".

Principais Eventos

  • Rothenthurm Open Race – one of the Swissloppet cross-country ski races and one of the main sporting events in the canton of Schwyz (January).

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