Lucerna - Região do Lago Lucerna

Landvogteischloss Willisau

Landvogteischloss Willisau

Kapelle St. Niklaus, Willisau

Kapelle St. Niklaus, Willisau

A cidade de Willisau já existe há mais de 700 anos. Pontos de interesse dignos de nota incluem sua prefeitura, o planejamento urbano da cidade, com seus portões, a fonte heptagonal e o castelo do governador. Um festival internacional de jazz acontece todos os anos aqui desde 1970.

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Medieval Willisau is nestled in the Lucerne landscape at the foot of the Napf Mountain. The city and its cultural offerings delight visitors with their great variety. The main lane, which is divided into sections by three heptagonal fountains, dominates the Old Town. This is also where the town hall is located, which was rebuilt in 1704 after the fourth fire. The Upper Gate was destroyed in the third city fire in 1471 and rebuilt in the 16th century. The Lower Gate was burnt to ashes several times, but was rebuilt true to the original in 1980.

The bailiff's castle, which is located above the Old Town, was built between 1690 and 1695. Remnants of the old city wall are found there. Among the other noteworthy sights are the pilgrimage chapels and the largest church of the Lucerne region.


A vast but varied hiking area offers countless possibilities. From the lowlands of the Wigger valley, the dreamy little valleys and forests to the crests of the Napf area unadulterated nature can be enjoyed. Museums, historical village centres and cultural sites make an excursion worthwhile.

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