Maison Cailler - Chocolate Factory


The visitor trail provides a complete immersion into the brand, history and products of Cailler of Switzerland. The experience is sensitive, sensual and poetic, giving the visitor a window into the world of chocolate by means of a transparent and sparkling aesthetic.

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This sense of imagination is paired with presentations on the different stages in the Cailler chocolate production process, which are relayed as part of the interactive audiovisual guided tour. Through cameras the visitors can watch live as the ingredients of chocolate are processed.

The past also comes to life through a selection of photographs that retrace the factory's history from its humble origins in 1898 right up to the 1960s. This journey through time brings memories to life.

Appetites whetted, visitors can then visit a specially designed shop which sells the entire range of Cailler of Switzerland chocolates.

Sensation, knowledge, discovery, pleasure: the original visitors' tour at the Broc chocolate factory has something for everyone.

Audiovisual guided tour of the Cailler chocolate factory and chocolate workshops in the Atelier du Chocolat

The interactive audiovisual tour shows the history and the various phases of the Cailler chocolate production in an entertaining way.
Interested visitors have the opportunity to produce their own creations in the chocolate workshop under the guidance of a Cailler chocolate maker. In the workshops one produces fine chocolates and experiments with bitter and sweet tastes and receives insight into the world of tempering, conching, and of the ganache. The visitors, of course, take home the chocolate they have produced. The Atelier du Chocolat offers weekly changing workshops.
Duration: 1.5h
Number of participants: 1-20
Languages: German, English, French, Italian

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