Vals / Vale de Vals


O vilarejo montês de Vals localiza-se a uma altitude de 1.250 metros acima do nível do mar, no fundo do Vale de Vals, um vale tributário do Surselva ao sul de Illanz. A praça do vilarejo ainda é cercada pelas casas originais de Vals, com seus telhados construídos com telhas de pedra, feitas do quartzito encontrado na própria Vals. Este tranquilo resort de férias nos Grisões oferece o prazer de caminhadas, bem estar em spas de termas e oportunidades em esportes de inverno no Dachberg.

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The Vals Valley owes its wilderness and diversity in a tiny area to the forces of water. In millions of years ice and rain shaped the deeply-cut mountain valley. Vals' most important trump card is the 30-degree thermal source, the only one in the Grisons which springs straight from the ground. The thermal spa designed by star architect Peter Zumthor and built out of local quartzite showcases the elements of water and stone and blends them to create the perfect wellness experience. The building oozing timeless quality and subtle elegance has become a bit of a place of pilgrimage for people interested in architecture.

Intact agriculture characterises the valley and delights alert mountain walkers: a few years ago the Vals farmers decided to produce exclusively organic.


The wild, rocky Vals Valley and its side valleys are an absolute hiker's paradise. The Vals Mountain-Hiking Bus (Berg-Wanderbus) takes visitors to the starting points of their tours. And steep trails over high passes lead to the neighbouring valleys: Val Lumnezia, Safien Valley, Val di Blenio and the Rhine Forest. Vals is not least a central stop on the "Big Walser Trail" which runs from Zermatt through the Alps all the way to the Kleinwalser Valley in Vorarlberg region.

The Adula Massif with its 50 peaks is a particular treat for mountaineers visiting the Vals Valley. Searching for crystals is another popular pastime in the Vals Valley as it is well known as a place where magnificent and rare minerals can be found.


  • Vals Thermal Rock Spa – thermal spa built by the star architect Peter Zumthor out of dark Vals quartzite.
  • Vals village – original preserved mountain village with stone-tiled Walser houses.
  • Zerfreila Reservoir, Zerfreilahorn and Fanell Glacier – beautiful panorama in wild mountain countryside, the impressive Zerfreilahorn is frequently called the Matterhorn of the Grisons.
  • Val Lumnezia with Vrin – located right at the back of the neighbouring valley has won an award for its intact appearance.

Principais Eventos

  • Val Lumnezia Openair – biggest open-air event in the Grisons, particularly family-friendly atmosphere and manageable size (July).

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