Alpine hut Eisee




Sörenberg: Brienzer Rothorn - Gipfelrestaurant

Sörenberg: Brienzer Rothorn - Gipfelrestaurant

Sörenberg: Rossweid

Sörenberg: Rossweid

An idyllic spot nestled between Arnihaagen and the eastern flank of the Brienzer Rothorn. Prior to savoring good home-style cooking served here, bear in mind that the nearby shores of the little Eisee lake present a perfect place to relax and unwind.

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Culinary specialities

Simple, typical Swiss dishes.

Special features & Events

The terrace offers a great view of the lake of the same name and surrounding mountains, so it’s not hard to remain seated here. And culinary delights together with interesting accommodation offers tempt people to linger a lot longer than intended! Located in the midst of a ski resort, its only natural that this establishment in the mountains can only be reached by cable car in winter - all the better for skiers!


Altitude: 1953 metros acima do nível do mar

Designação regional do local: Eisee

Acesso: Teleférico/cadeira teleférica e pista de esqui

Total de lugares: 30 - 100 lugares sentados

Autosserviço: Sim

Possibilidade de pernoite: Sim

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