Museu de Castelos de Kyburg


Kyburg: Schloss - Blick auf das Ritterhaus

Kyburg: Schloss - Blick auf das Ritterhaus

Kyburg: Schloss - Blick nach Norden

Kyburg: Schloss - Blick nach Norden

Este museu ganhador de prêmios internacionais oferece uma rica variedade da vida nos castelos nos últimos 800 anos.

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Kyburg Castle is perched high up above the river Töss.

Kyburg is Eastern Switzerland's most important feudal castle and now home to a lively, newly arranged museum.The internationally awarded museum offers fascinating insights into the daily life long ago. You can take part in a court of justice, look around the cellar, the attic and the torture chamber, sniff at spices of the medieval kitchen.

Kyburg Castle was the home of the counts of Kyburg, one of the greatest noble houses in South Germany. The castle passed into the hands of the Habsburgs in 1264. In 1424 the City of Zurich bought the castle and its seignory. Until 1798 a Landvogt resided in the castle, administring the bailiwick, as a judge and collector of taxes.

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