Papiliorama – Borboletas Exóticas e Muito Mais


Os jardins tropicais Papiliorama e Nocturama em Kerzers são o lar de animais e plantas tropicais. No Artropodário, são os artrópodes a serem exibidos. O Jardim das Borboletas Suíças é dedicado a espécies nativas de borboletas.

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Day and night the rainforest is full of life and activity. Countless animal species enliven the jungle where a large variety of plants species can be found. In the tropical gardens Papiliorama and Nocturama in Kerzers, visitors discover the fascinating world of the tropics without having to fly half around the world.

Over 1000 tropical butterflies and rare colibris live here. Visitors can make unusual obervations among the animals in Nocturama. The roof's cupola turns daylight into a fullmoon night. At night, large floodlights imitate daylight. This enables the visitor to observe during daylight hours the lively play of sloths, bats, night monkeys and anacondas, who are active at night.

The Jungle Trek is an extraordinary experience: tropical forests, mangrove swamps and orchid ponds take visitors to far-off places without having to travel any distance. These are accompanied by freely roaming toucans, pink spoonbills, iguanas and many more of our feathered friends and animal species.

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