Top de linha: teleféricos de Männlichen


Paraíso de Esportes de inverno: as descidas largas no Männlichen significam esqui e snowboard de alta qualidade; e os modernos teleféricos e gôndolas significam tempos de espera mínimos e máximo conforto.

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This is also appreciated by those tackling the toboggan run from Männlichen to Holenstein, whose hairpin bends and lovely long glides promise a fun-filled 45-minute descent in great conditions. The lifts also access romantic winter walking paths, as well as a fun children’s ski and play zone. And rising above it all: one of the most impressive mountain backdrops in the world.


Top tip.

It’s said that the most impressive views of the famous Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau are to be had from the Männlichen. And the most comfortable place to enjoy them: on a lounger in front of the bar at the Mountain Guest House.

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