Swiss Children's Museum


Baden Altstadt

Baden Altstadt

Nussbaumen / Obersiggenthal / Schweiz

Nussbaumen / Obersiggenthal / Schweiz

The Swiss Children's Museum is a lively meeting place for exchange between cultures and generations, and of interest to both young and old. Children and adults look, marvel, experiment, play and create together.

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In twenty exhibition rooms, the museum displays historical and current developments relating to children. Temporary exhibitions reveal exciting insights into children's culture. Guided tours for schools and adult groups may be arranged at any time by appointment. The Children's Museum describes itself in these words "A world for young and old... Just imagine walking into a big, old house and discovering traces of your ancestors. You see your mother’s red leather schoolbag hanging up in the classroom. And the toy steam engine your grandfather used to play with and the doll’s house your great-grandmother used, and so you can learn how the people lived a long time ago".

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