Museum zur Allerheiligen


Schaffhausen - Vordergasse

Schaffhausen - Vordergasse

Schönbühl Essen Tagungen Fest

Schönbühl Essen Tagungen Fest

The Museum zu Allerheiligen is one of Schaffhausen’s most significant places of interest. Here, archaeology, history and art as well as natural history converge under one roof. In addition to its extensive permanent exhibitions, the museum hosts between six and eight special exhibitions each year.

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A large part of the museum is housed in the premises of the former All Saints Benedictine Abbey. Like the monastery formerly located here, the museum is a place for knowledge, culture and encounter. The site and the architecture, which attest to 1,000 years of construction history, form an integral part of the museum. The imposing minster, the idyllic herb garden and the largest cloister in Switzerland open to the public also form part of the whole area. A visit to the museum, therefore, is a visit to a place with a very special atmosphere.

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