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Oberland Bernês

Gstaad – the pinnacle of gastronomic perfection.

Are fine food and wine among the most important things in life for you? Then you should experience the gastronomic riches that Gstaad has to offer, which are, quite simply, unparalleled anywhere in the Alps. More than 100 restaurants are ready to charm guests with their creativity and love of detail, from awardwinning gourmet restaurants to cosy traditional mountain inns. It’s no coincidence that the renowned GaultMillau gourmet guide regularly hails Gstaad as the very height of gastronomic excellence.

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As coisas boas da vida.

Prados verdejantes, ar puro, céu azul: a paisagem alpina e o clima ameno de Saanenland fornecem os principais ingredientes. O resto é com os chefs. Gstaad é, simplesmente, o paraíso da gastronomia.

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