Resort de Família Aletsch Arena


Crystalline air, snow crunching underfoot and sunshine from early till late. A box seat view of Aletsch Glacier and clear views of the Valais' prettiest four-thousand-meter peaks.

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Ar cristalino, neve estalando sob os pés e luz do sol desde cedo até tarde. Uma vista de camarote para a Geleira Aletsch e visão clara dos picos com mais de 4.000 metros mais bonitos do Valais.


Summer vacations in the Aletsch Region are vacations in untouched nature and in an attractive hiking area. In the midst of this mountain landscape is Villa Cassel, an Information Center for the “Pro Natura” nature conservation organization. Nature enthusiasts can obtain information here on the magnificent natural arena as well as offers for courses and excursions. A beautiful mountain trail leading to Villa Cassel and through the Aletsch Forest to the ice tongue of the glacier starts at Riederalp.


  • Great Aletsch Glacier – with a length of 23 kilometers, and with 27 billion tons of ice, it is the mightiest glacier in the Alps. It is the high point of the UNESCO World Heritage Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch.
  • Aletsch Forest - Switzerland’s oldest trees (900 years old) are found at an elevation of 2,000 meters in one of Europe’s highest pine forests.
  • Massa Gorge – Courageous visitors can rapel in a spectacular canyon, always accompanied by an experienced mountain guide.
  • Ice World Bettmerhorn - Fascinating Aletsch Glacier – In the footsteps of an ice age explorer, visitors to this Multimedia Exhibition discover the secrets of the Alps’ largest glacier.
  • Villa Cassel – Nature Concervancy - Information Center and classic guesthouse (where Winston Churchill slept), at a magnificent location on the Riederfurka Ridge in the midst of a stunning mountain landscape.
  • Eggishorn – From the 2,927-meter summit visitors enjoy magnificent vistas over the entire length of the Aletsch Glacier and of the smaller Fiescher Glacier.
  • Alpine Museum Riederalp - in the historic Alpine Hut “Nagulschbalmu,” dating from 1606, you can immerse yourself in the life of mountain farmers of bygone centuries.
  • The nearby town of Brig, home of the Stockalper Palace, has always played a central role.

Principais Eventos

  • Aletsch Half Marathon, Bettmeralp (June)
  • Gommer Openair, Lax (July – every second year)
  • Gratzug Night on Lake Märjela, Fiescheralp (August)
  • Gilihüsine (ancient form of Hornussen, a Swiss team sport),
  • Bettmeralp (September)
  • Gommer Advent Market, Fiesch (November)
  • Winter Openings, Aletsch Arena (December)
  • St. Nikolaus Trichjer (traditional St. Nicholas event) Fiesch (December)

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