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Oriels in St.Gallen

St.Gallen is also known as a city of oriels. A total of 111 oriels have been preserved in this city. St.Gallen experienced an oriel construction boom between 1650 and 1720. In those years many of the oriels still existing today were built. Some of some have such interesting names as Camel Oriel, Pelican Oriel, Swan Oriel.

St.Gallen is also known as a city of oriels.

Zum goldenen Schäfli

Os membros das guildas certamente tinham estilo. Os 30 açougueiros que praticavam seu comércio na pista que hoje leva o nome da atividade adquiriram esta casa em 1484, por 300 táleres.

The guildsmen certainly had style. The 30 butchers who practiced their trade in the lane now named after it purchased this house in 1484 for the sum of 300 talers. It was here that they socialized and held their assemblies – at least until 1798, when the Revolution put an end to the old order of the guilds.