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Bernina Express avec wagon panoramique sur le viaduc hélicoïdal près de Brusio

Bernina Express avec wagon panoramique sur le viaduc hélicoïdal près de Brusio

The picturesque villages of the Engadin are known for their palatial houses built by old local families and elegant sanatoria now converted to fine hotels: both comprise this tour’s “Living Palaces”, alongside world-class historical sights.

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Kurhaus, Bergün

This is a real gem! Built in 1906 and then gradually restored for purposes of historic preservation, the Kurhaus is a veritable Art Nouveau treasure. Guests are transported to bygone days as they admire the bright blue dining room, the historic hotel kitchen and the foyer with its impressive lights.

Attractions in the area

Chesa Salis Romantik Hotel, Bever

Built in 1590 as a farmhouse and converted into a magnificent patrician villa by Rudolf von Salis in 1883, the “Chesa Salis” with its 18 rooms has served as a cosy hotel since 1982 with all the irresistible charm of a private establishment.

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Badrutt’s Palace Hotel, St. Moritz

Discreet service and traditional elegance are hallmarks of this hotel with its 159 rooms including 38 suites. This exquisite luxury is only exceeded by the spectacular panorama of the Engadin mountains. It has long been regarded as a symbol of St. Moritz.

Hotel La Margna, St. Moritz

Nicolaus Hartmann's architecture combines Belle Époque with Engadin home décor to create a relaxing experience of Grand Hotel hospitality - wide lake and mountain views, fragrant pinewood rooms, modern interpretations of classical cuisine and traditional Alpine dining.

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Hotel Albrici, Poschiavo

Ideally situated in the heart of a pedestrian zone, this historic hotel boasts a pretty façade, outstanding hospitality, a historic inner life and lovingly prepared Italian cuisine.

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Chasa de Capol, Santa Maria Val Müstair

Kings and princes have come and gone - and now this is a home away from home for those who love something special. Gourmets from all over the world delight in treats from the “castle kitchen” and the 1,000 year old wine cellar where fine South Tyrolean wines are aged in wooden barrels. Attractions in the area.

Hotel Münsterhof, Müstair

In Müstair village, just a few paces from the UNESCO World Heritage Site of St. John’s Convent, the Münsterhof radiates a historic charm all its own. Built in 1887, the hotel was carefully renovated in period style in 2011; antique furniture adds to the warm, welcoming atmosphere at this traditional family-run venue.

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Hotel Waldhaus, Sils-Maria

Uncomplicated comfort lies in wait behind the imposing facades of this historical turn-of-the-century building. The hotel was designed by the St. Moritz architect Karl Koller and was built in an outstanding location high above Sils-Maria. It is still run by the founding family. Attractions in the area.

Attractions in the area

Palazzo Salis, Soglio

Built in 1630 and expanded in 1701, this villa has served for over a century as a hotel and has remained in family ownership during this period. The past four centuries have left their mark on the furnishings and gentle renovations have ensured that the hotel has a very special atmosphere.

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Hotel Alte Herberge Weiss Kreuz, Splügen

Formerly used as mule riders' accommodation - this old inn is now a culture and adventure hotel with historic charm. The old structure with its chambers, rooms and vaults has been largely retained and forms a unique synthesis with the contemporary. Attractions in the area.

Attractions in the area

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