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Chailly: Lausanne - CHUV Est

Chailly: Lausanne - CHUV Est

Chailly: Lausanne - CHUV Sud

Chailly: Lausanne - CHUV Sud

Chailly: Lausanne - CHUV Ouest

Chailly: Lausanne - CHUV Ouest

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European Energy Award Gold Lausanne has been awarded the European Energy Award® Gold for its advanced commitment to sustainable energy policy. This is the highest certification that Energy Cities can obtain and means they have implemented at least 75% of their commitment plan.

Lausanne Transport Card Each guest staying in a hotel in Lausanne receives a card granting free use of public transport in and around the town throughout his stay.

EPFL / Swiss Tech Convention Center In June 2009 the EPFL (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne - Federal Institute of Technology) received the 1st international prize for sustainable campuses. One of the largest photovoltaic centres was set up there in 2011. And the icing on the cake? In 2013 the Swiss Tech Convention Centre is set to open there, an ultra-modern convention centre in terms of both interior design and architecture. Its glass walls will be made of dye solar cells, an innovative technology actually invented on the campus.

Hotel Mövenpick 4*, Green Globe certified Like all Mövenpick hotels in Switzerland, the Hotel Mövenpick Green Globe certified. Its latest 72-room extension has a green roof and is Minergie certified (equivalent to High Environmental Quality).

Beau-Rivage Palace 5*sup Since 1992 the Beau-Rivage Palace has run its air conditioning and heated its pool using water from Lake Geneva and an ingenious heat pump system. To save even more energy, all incandescent bulbs were replaced with low energy bulbs or LEDs in 2009.

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