12. JUL
-08. MAR

10:00 - 20:00 CET

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Fashion is ubiquitous. It offers us the freedom to play, while also being the dictator we obey or rebel against. Fashion is both differentiation and affiliation.It can be brash or quiet as it oscillates between "in" and "out". Tailored trousers or ripped jeans, high heels or flip flops – whenever we wonder "What shall I wear?" we are asking ourselves the same question day after day: "Who would I like to be?" Before we have opened our mouths, our clothes have already spoken for, about and maybe even against us.

Who decides what is in or out? What are uniforms for? What is an emo? What are the latest style codes on the youth scene? From tartan and badges to streetwear and camouflage, the show scrutinizes fashion trends old and new and throws light on how individuals and groups interact with fashion. It uses everyday garments to illustrate not only how small variations in cut, pattern and finish are transformed into codes, but also how the world of designer fashion operates.

This exhibition was designed by the Museum für Kommunikation Berlin and has already been very successful in Germany. The Gewerbemuseum Winterthur is now complementing it with themes from Switzerland and rounding it off with a varied accompanying program that was developed in conjunction with the leading Swiss university departments of style and fashion, in particular the Style & Design course offered by Zurich University of the Arts.


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Gewerbemuseum Winterthur
Kirchplatz 14
8400 Winterthur

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Closed Monday

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