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“When they saw the soldiers from Bern arrive to the hill to attack them, the men went to the fight when the women rounded the goats up inside of the town, to have some food during the siege. The evening had fallen and the fight of Sauthaux wasn’t finished . A woman had a crazy idea: “We should attach some flaming torchs on the goat’s horns and chase them away in direction of the soldiers from Bern!” . As soon as the soldiers saw them coming, they went away and thought that an army of the Devil came to the rescue of the Gruerians. Thereafter, the goats were celebrated like the two heros: Claremboz and Bras-de-Fer.”
That is how the legend of the goats of Gruyères is related.

From 10 am, the visitor will discover an exhibition of 14 races of swiss goats, in the middle of a traditional market. It will be possible to touch some of them in a special run.

You will find in the traditional market some products issue from the goats (cheese, soap, wool) but also specialists of the architecture and the traditional art (poya paintings, sculptures in wood, lace). An expert will show how the people brought water in the city of Gruyères with the help of wood and a cheese maker will demonstrate how to make a cheese, which is called “Vacherin”, directly in front of you, while a storyteller and a violinist will tell the legends of Gruyères. Of course, they will tell the legend of the goats and the duo « Musqu’à deux » will walk around the city to animate it.

An exhibition will take place in « Le Calvaire » with some works of Sara.H & DelaPerouz.

The restraurants will propose some menus based on goat’s meat and cheese.

The musicals animations will start at 4pm with the « Quatuor des Gueux », « Les Compagnons du Cor » and a flag pitcher before the official part.

The official part will begin at 8pm with the mayor of Gruyères, Mister Jean-Pierre Doutaz. Pascal Corminboeuf will make the speech for the National Day.

A goats cortege will cross Gruyères at 10pm from the castle to the parkings. The goats will wear some lights and rise the legend.

There will be a big firework to celebrate « the victory of the Gruerians against the soldiers from Bern.” .


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1663 Gruyères

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