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The largest public trade show in the Bern region is not just a popular spring event featuring a large amusement park; it’s a meeting place for people of all generations. Besides putting together a fascinating display of products, animals, traditions, and innovations, the event offers an exciting variety of special exhibitions.

Parallel to the exhibition for trade, agriculture and industry, the PFERD will also be taking place. This national horse show – the largest in Switzerland – offers visitors a mixture of trends, sports and entertainment. The BEA/PFERD expects to draw around 300,000 visitors again this year to the grounds of the BEA bern expo.

If you'd like to meet some horses, see informative presentations, view livestock, experience a pig race or just enjoy an apple fritter, the BEA/PFERD is the perfect event for you.

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Local do evento

Mingerstrasse 6
3014 Bern

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