Sils, na Engadina, é o ambiente perfeito para maravilhosas experiências de férias e de esportes de inverno em paisagens inesquecíveis. Localizado em uma linda zona rural, como uma pedra preciosa entre lagos, Sils é o centro cultural da Engadina Superior. Aqui a tradição sobrevive, não só por ser genuína – cem anos atrás, Friedrich Nietzsche já enaltecia esse vilarejo como "o canto mais charmoso da Terra."

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Authors like Nietzsche, artists like Beuys, and musicians like David Bowie were inspired by the fantastic sweeping views and the magical light. They contributed to Sils’ reputation today as a place of great culture. This is emphasized by renowned events, the Biblioteca Engiadinaisa, the Robbi Museum and the Nietzsche House.

Locals and visitors from all over the world call Sils a place of energy and power, and for a good reason: especially high “Bovis” values were measured here. The best preconditions to charge ones batteries for the daily grind.


Romantic strolls along the lake, a carriage ride along the bordering Fex Valley or a boatride on Lake Sils or Lake Silvaplana are some of the popular tours around Sils. Whoever wants to travel further up finds various routes for hiking and mountain tours on the local Furtschella Alp. And if you sail on Lake Sils with Europe’s highest lake cruise ship you can especially enjoy the mountain scenery.


  • Segantini-Museum - dedicated to the painter Giovanni Segantini who spent the final five years of his life in the Engadine

Principais Eventos

  • Sils Hesse Days – lectures about the successful author’s poetry and art of living (June)
  • Sils Art and Literature Days, concerts, lectures, films, readings and cultural hikes retracing the footsteps of personalities affiliated with the Engadine (August)
  • Nietzsche Colloquium – lectures, workshops, discussions and artistic contributions concerning the multitalented philosopher (September)

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