Alt St. Johann

Suíça Oriental – Liechtenstein

Rodeada pelo imponente massivo de Säntis e pelos sete picos de Churfirsten, os resorts de Alt St. Johann e Wildhaus são os vilarejos de maior altitude em Toggenburg.

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Here, there is plenty to help you leave those day-to-day cares behind: romantic mountain lakes which are irresistible to swimmers, hiking routes full of adventure such as the «Sagenweg» and the «Neckiweg» a supervised and varied children's programme, including visits to a farm, pony riding, camping out, craft afternoons, climbing courses, pizza baking and a whole lot more! And if you are bringing very small children with you, there are numerous hiking routes specially suited for buggies and prams, enabling you simply to enjoy being at one with nature.


  • Birthplace of the reformer Huldrych Zwingli
  • Sound World Toggenburg (Sound Wellness, Sound Trail, Music Courses, Sound Festivals)
  • Make cheese yourself at the Cheese Academy or Knaus Alpine Dairy
  • Gamplüt – the first solar-powered cable car
  • Thur Waterfalls in Unterwasser

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