La Fouly


La Fouly: et massif du Dolent

La Fouly: et massif du Dolent

La Fouly: Prayon

La Fouly: Prayon

La Fouly tem tudo: paisagens alpinas, cadeias de montanhas, natureza imaculada e aquela atmosfera de tranquilidade presente em localidades pequenas e atraentes. Cercada por picos já bem conhecidos pelos escaladores de montanhas, como Le Dolent, Le Tour Noir e l'Aiguille d'Argentière, este vilarejo ostenta o que há de mais bonito e genuíno em tudo o que as montanhas têm para oferecer.

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Surrounded by peaks well-known to mountain climbers, such as Le Dolent, Le Tour Noir and l’Aiguille d’Argentière, this village boasts the most beautiful and the most authentic of everything that the mountains have to offer. With its beautiful walking trails, the Val Ferret is also a stage of the celebrated Tour du Mont Blanc trek and the newer but equally stunning Tour du Saint Bernard.


A chalet village of modest size, La Fouly offers numerous forms of accommodation, including campsites, ‘l’aventure sur la paille’ (sleeping in the straw), hotels and rental of alpine chalets. A renowned mountain climbing centre, it is also a popular place for learning rock climbing skills, on artificial walls or cliff faces, and on the famous Dalle de l’Amône. A supermarket and local sports store sell all the equipment you’ll need.

From the high mountain pastures of the Val Ferret comes a fine, flavoursome cheese that adds an undeniable distinction to our fondues and raclettes. The educational trail of the shepherds – on an accessible mountain path - explains how the animals are raised and tended in the mountains. Not to be missed on the trail: the mountain farmstead of La Peule, awarded the ‘Suisse Pure’ label in 2005 for its accommodation ‘sur la paille’ (in the straw), and the demonstration of traditional cheesemaking.

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