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Sustainability & environment

Switzerland - Nation of recyclers Swiss citizens are champions when it boils down to recycling – and 94% of old glass and 81% of PET containers make their way to special collection points instead of household bins.

Tree-land is on the increase Since 125 years legislation has ensured that 30 percent of Switzerland’s surface is made up of forests and woodlands –tendency increasing. Amongst other things, trees protect from avalanches and help sink CO2 levels.

Ecology ranks high in Switzerland Countless studies prove that Switzerland belongs to the world-best category concerning sustainability.

SwitzerlandMobility SwitzerlandMobility promotes and coordinates hiking, biking, mountain biking, skating and canoeing for leisure and tourism in Switzerland. The route network covers over 20,000 kilometers of Swiss soil and is perfectly coordinated with public transport to ensure seamless travels!

Parks of national significance Parks of national significance help enhance and maintain natural habitats and particularly beautiful landscapes. The18 parks in operation or planned cover a 610,900 hectare-area, respectively 6,109 square kilometers, corresponding to 14.8% of Switzerland’s surface.

Rhone Glacier
Rhone Glacier

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