Treber Sausage

Biel / Bienne

Biel: Lake Biel

Biel: Lake Biel

For over a hundred years, traditional Treberwurst has been regarded in Biel as an insider tip and culinary speciality. When the grapes are pressed out, the grape pomace (pulp) remains from which the grape marc is produced in January and February. During distillation the Treberwurst is cooked in the hot steam coming out from the cover of the distilling vessel.

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The grapegrowers used to prune the vines by Lake Biel in the winter months. The Bise wind was so strong that they would be frozen to the bone. The only warm place was the distillery and the farmers would meet there during their breaks. Then someone came up with the idea to warm up their snack sausages on the lid of the vessel where the grape marc was being distilled. And that is how Treberwurst came into being ...

Today, Treberwurst is renowned as a traditional regional speciality. During January and February the winemakers invite their guests to enjoy Treberwurst in their carnotzets.

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