Thyon: Veysonnaz, station supérieure de la télécabine

Thyon: Veysonnaz, station supérieure de la télécabine

Veysonnaz é um vilarejo montês típico do cantão de Valais, situado numa encosta acima de Sion, com lindas vistas para o Vale do Ródano e para os Alpes berneses. A área para trekking se estende até os altos picos dos Alpes de Valais. No inverno, Veysonnaz forma parte da área de esqui dos "Quatro Vales", com mais de 400km de pistas preparadas.

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The little resort of Veysonnaz, located at about 1200 m, is 13 kilometres by road from Sion, the capital of the canton of Valais. Far below is the broad Rhone valley, and opposite, the northern chain of the Valais Alps, with the wide glaciers of the Plaine Morte. To the west, you can see as far as the bend in the valley where Martigny is situated.

Veysonnaz combines a modern tourist infrastructure with its original village features and the authentic way of life of the upland and alpine economy. Taking the cows up the mountain in June and the (bloodless) cow fights between the naturally combative Eringer (Hérens) cows of the Valais are traditions that are still alive and well here.


There are about 300 km of footpath in the area around Veysonnaz, and there are also opportunities for more challenging tours in the high mountains. The walks take you through unspoilt nature: in Veysonnaz, the flora and fauna and grazed pastureland are all protected. The "Bisse de Vex", a traditional open irrigation channel ("Suone") typical of the Valais and dating from the 15th century, has been extensively restored for 12 kilometres of its length and now the water is flowing again. These "Suonen" give some idea of the concerns local people had about water, and nowadays provide pleasant walks with no great differences in altitude, but mostly with fantastic views.

For families with children aged between 4 and 8, in the peak summer season there is a children's entertainment programme provided every day in the "Bears' Club". Older children can meet up in the "Sun + Fun Club".


  • Suonen – these are ancient irrigation channels which run along the contours of the land, generally with no great differences in altitude, making for very pleasant walks.
  • Sitten (Sion) – visit the capital of the Valais during your holiday, for a cultural excursion, a shopping trip or a gourmet meal out.
  • The pyramids of Euseigne – the village of Euseigne, where the valley divides into the Val d'Hérens and the Val d'Hérémence, has unusual rock formations, created by natural erosion and visible from far away.
  • Grande Dixence dam in the Val d'Hérémence – at 285 metres high, the highest dam in the world. Daily guided tours inside the dam wall.
  • DiscGolf – an entertaining form of golf in which players have to sink frisbees into metal baskets in as few throws as possible.

Principais Eventos

  • Cow processions and cow fights – the combative Eringer cows of the Valais fight for the title of "Queen" (end of June / beginning of July).
  • Grand Raid Cristalp – considered to be the longest and toughest mountain bike race in the world, covering a distance of over 131 km and 4600 metres of difference in altitude, from Verbier via Veysonnaz, Hérémence and Evolène to Grimentz (August).

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