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Family run 1887 built hotel managed by the fifth generation. Cosy 3-star comforts and typical Graubünden style, with rooms furnished with many antique objects. 16 well furnished guest rooms along with tasteful restaurant and carefully prepared Bündner dishes and specialities including Put or Capuns. The 3 «Chalets Trafögl» chalets beside the hotel at the edge of the woods also belong to the hotel.

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Was it Napoleon?

At the place where the Hotel Münsterhof is situated, there used to be two farmhouses. One of them also had a tavern and rooms for travelers. The bed which is now in room 15 of the Münsterhof dates back to those times. The grandmother of the current owner keeps saying that her grandmother told her that this had been Napoleon’s bed, that he had spent the night in this bed. However, it is more likely that the guest resting in that bed had been the French general Dessalles or one of his officers. That’s the crux about history: everbody adds something to it. But still, it might indeed have been Napoleon!

Historic Hotel

Após uma pequena reforma, o Münsterhof brilha em novo esplendor desde 2011. O charme histórico foi cuidadosamente preservado. Os apartamentos são decorados visando o ambiente histórico original, com antiguidades e móveis estilo colonial. Dizem que até Napoleão passou a noite em um dos quartos. Na cozinha, os pratos são preparados de acordo com as tradicionais receitas de família.


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