Time and Dream Hotel Beatus


Chalet Birkli

Chalet Birkli

Beatenberg-Waldegg swissmountainview.ch / Ferienwohnung

Beatenberg-Waldegg swissmountainview.ch / Ferienwohnung

The small, innovative hotel in Beatenberg offers much more than the grand view of Eiger, Mönch, Jungfrau and Lake Thun. It is a hotel for relaxing and dreaming.

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The seven imaginatively designed, romantic suites are meant for lovers. Even though every room has a different theme, they all have a whirlpool for 2 people, a private steam shower and/or private sauna, coffee machine, large flat-screen TV with DVD and CD system. Whether in Château d'Amour with a canopy bed, in the Sin City Suite with stripper pole, in the Fujiama Love Garden with wood barrel sauna, on the terrace or in La Cucina Erotica with a kitchen island – in the Time and Dream Hotel one has the feeling that one is in another world.

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