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Discover the flavours of the Middle Ages following these recipes from our Ancient Book of “Spells”.

Participants will discover olden time vegetables and will prepare a soup together that they will cook in the cauldron.

Then they will make pasties, little meat pies with spices and dried fruit, inspired by the recipes of Master Chiquart, the Duke of Savoy’s cook.

Parents can then share the soup with their aspiring chefs.

Only in French.
For children 8 to 12 years old.
10 children per workshop


Место проведения

Château de Chillon
Avenue de Chillon 21
1820 Veytaux

Цена в CHF

CHF 16.00 per child, entry ticket included (entry free of charge for parents)

Booking required (open from 15 March at 12h30).

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