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The Brent Fair is both traditional and historical, since it was on 20 December 1486 that Charles the First, Duke of Savoy, granted to this village on the slopes behind Montreux, the permanent privilege of organising a free and open fair. The tradition is still maintained today with various events, starting from the Saturday, with the opening of the cattle market competitions, when fairground entertainers and craftsmen with their rural products take over the streets of the village. Wednesday is the last official day, when the farmers reduce their prices. Various activities, such as tugs-of-war, exhibitions and children's events concludinh with the traditional school children's costume parade. The fair's menu (grilled sausages, meat balls and stews), awaits you under canvas and the cellars also welcome you with varied menus and tastings of the new wines. There is dancing for all ages. A convivial atmosphere is guaranteed.


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1817 Brent

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