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Ле Сентье

Более 250 лет долина Жу известна благодаря производству часов, ее и называют «Часовой долиной». Нынешняя часовая индустрия хранит долгую традицию производства хронометров высочайшего качества под известными торговыми марками, которые много лет назад появились именно здесь в долине Жу.

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The farmers-watchmakers in this rough region of Joux Valley have produced watches and measuring instruments for centuries. They specialise in complication movements. The objects exhibited at the hall of watchmaking history in Joux Valley let you discover the beginnings of watchmaking in this region.

Visitors are immersed in an innovative museography featuring new technologies. Presentation of the watchmaking professions, touch pads, 3D films, and a virtual game (Ludotemps) make for a distinct virtual and interactive visit. Ludotemps lets visitors virtually dismantle and then reassemble a calibre, assemble their own watch and obtain information on the exhibits and their functions.

The interactive tables present the watchmaking professions in a fun way. These new technologies act like guides of another kind which are rather unique in Switzerland and were made in collaboration with the School of Technology of Vallée de Joux. Espace Horloger acts as an internationally reputed conveyor of the watchmaking image and know-how and also aims to arouse vocations.

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