Terreni alla Maggia


This organic farm is home to the northernmost rice growing in Europe. There are also vineyards, a poultry farm, cereal crops, and orchards. Visits for groups of six or more; wine shop.

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The Farm Terreni alla Maggia SA in Ascona is always good for a surprise. Eggs, chicken, fruits, soy, corn, pasta, flour, commeal mush and obviously wine as well as beer are produced here and for ages have successfully been sold to a large clientele. In recent years the firm which was founded in 1930 has become famous for its exclusive products. On the properties of Terreni alla Maggia SA, indeed the only Swiss rice is cultivated. In 1997 a part of the headland between Ascona and Locarno has been turned into what is now the world’s northernmost rice plantation. The alluvial land of the River Maggia made of gravel, sand and clay offers the perfect conditions for the cultivation of the rice plant. The kind which is grown on the plantation is called Loto. It has the best properties for the commercial cultivation in this location and today covers around 90% of the 52 hectares of the plantation on the delta of the Maggia. The annual harvest equals around 400 tons of rice.
The Loto rice, which is used to prepare Ticino’s typical risotto, is delivered among others to haute cuisine chefs. The close relationship to luxury hotels has a long tradition for Terreni alla Maggia SA. Indeed, the farm and the five star hotel Castello del Sole belong to the same company.

Whisky made in Ticino
Terreni alla Maggia SA is not just the sole cultivator of rice in Switzerland, but also the only place in Ticino where Whisky is produced. The basis of the spirit is barley malt which is also grown on the delta of the River Maggia.
Thereafter the beverage ripens during three years in oak barrels which are stored in a 17th century cellar vault. The result: a cunning and soft but also rich Single Malt. During tasting sessions which take place regularly visitors can try the Whisky made in Ticino. Also, all the fresh products can be bought in the farm’s store in Via Muraccio 105 as well as in the branch store “Negozio alla Fattoria”, in via Ferrara 87, in the centre of Ascona.

Guided tour of the Farm
It is possible to visit the camps, the production and the wineries. Followed a tasting of 5/6 wines, accompanied by local products.

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