Visit of the "Öpfelfarm" (Apple farm)

How many Thurgau apples are required to produce a bag of dried "Öpfelringli" (apple rings)? As we don't have any trade secrets, our doors are open to groups (on request).

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2 - 10


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CHF 10.-

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Thanks to the gentle drying technique used, the dried apple rings retain their flavour as well as heat-sensitive vitamin C. Apart from these magnificent apple rings, the Öpfelfarm sells all manner of other apple products.

A guided tour is always possible and mostly directed by Roland Kauderer himself. Per person a fee of CHF 10.- is requested incl. Aperitif. The meeting point is usually the Steinebrunn station, easily accessible by public transport : Either take the S8 train (SOB route Romanshorn - St. Gallen) or by bus from the railway station Amriswil, on the route Zurich - Romanshorn.

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