Romantik Hotel Bären Dürrenroth stars



Located in Emmental, this hotel has a country inn and conference centre. 24 rooms and 6 suites lovingly and stylishly decorated in the guesthouse Kreuz. A variety of historical rooms and halls for up to 120 guests. Culinary delights are served in the gourmet restaurant Rother-Stube or in the cosy "Hornussen" lounge. A farmhouse from 1744 is home to the seminar building today.




Monument of national importance, distinguished as historic restaurant under the patronage of UNESCO. Buildings dating back to 1752 (the inn), 1806 (the guesthouse Kreuz) and 1744 (the seminar building under monument preservation, fully restored) resound with the three perspectives of history, hospitality and enjoyment in the midst of the workplace of the Emmental writer Jeremias Gotthelf.


Historic Restaurant of the Year 2000

The origins of the Bären Inn in Dürenroth, Berne stretch back to the year 1752. The building has a skeleton of wooden timbers faced in tiny wooden shingles. It gives the impression of a late baroque style and is painted in an olive green reminiscent of a stone construction.


The Landgasthof Bären is idyllically situated on a 700-m-high hillside in the enchanting Emmental. This unique setting will soon chase your everyday cares away and is good at helping guests to slow down, which is what so many people these days need most. Der Bären is more than just an oasis of wellness, however. It is also a great starting point for long walks, exciting hikes and biking tours. Adventurous guests need only ask their hosts for advice and assistance.