Chamanna digl Kesch SAC


The building's modern infrastructure is a technical masterpiece of its time. Located at 2,625 meters at the foot of the Kesch Mountain, it offers accommodation for 92 persons, spread over 5-bed to 12-bed rooms.



The hut was built in 1893 and during the first few decades of its existence had so many visitors that its capacity had to be increased. At the beginning of the 21st century, the architect Toni Spirig is commissioned to design a new building for the Kesch Hut. His energy efficient concept wins approval. One of the large facades faces south. Here, photovoltaic surfaces are mounted which produce the electricity for lighting, freezers and washing machines. On the roof, collectors are fixed that generate hot water. The point is not only to produce, but also to conserve energy based on good insulation. The large windows have an especially high degree of transparency for light and warmth and thereby help heat the rooms. During bad weather, a turbine linked to the water pipes takes care of basic electric energy needs. Spirig opines: "Today’s visitor to the hut expects sufficient space, orderliness and cleanliness even at 2,625 meters. The Davos Section wants no part of the early SAC image of stale air and dusty woollen blankets. There is generous space, and duvets have replaced the woollen blankets." The beds are equipped with duvets. WC and washing facilities are available, taking a warm shower is possible when the solar installation provides sufficient energy. Access is from Bergün, Davos, Cinuos-chel (Engadine), each route taking four and a half hours.