Schloss Wartegg stars



Schloss Wartegg was built in 1557 overlooking the southern shore of Lake Constance. Around 1960, this former refuge of the Empress Zita fell into a Sleeping Beauty-type slumber. 1994 brought about a cultural awakening and the careful renovation of this elegant hotel. The castle garden with its useful plants (ProSpecieRara), many of which originally came from old farm gardens, is quite unique - and so is the interplay between wonderful seasonal fresh ingredients.




Historic renaissance palace in an 1860 English landscape park. The visible stylistic elements are from the 19th and 20th centuries, while the roof timberwork, the walls and the window structures are from their respective construction phases. The Bijou Turkish bath, the focus on the essentials, the traditional materials and the nursery with ProSpecieRara varieties shape the hotel's historic ambience.


超棒的湖畔酒店。 适合观光游览。 房间很大,服务很友善。 现代酒店。 受情侣欢迎。

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