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Thanks to its central location Vissoie is the ideal starting point for a variety of hikes in Val d’Anniviers with a total of over 600 kilometers of hiking paths.


  • 13th century medieval village ��� a walk through Vissoie illuminates the history of the village. Sights worth seeing include the church "Ste-Euph��mie", the chapel “Notre Dame de Compassion”, the dialect museum and other historic places.
  • Culinary Traditions ��� the traditional dry meat from the butchers "de la Vall��e" (of the valley) and “Salaisons d’Anniviers” (cured meats of d’Anniviers) as well as the best Alpine and goat cheese from the cheese dairy d’Anniviers are a true culinary delight.
  • 热门活动

    • Craft market ��� various stands, a musical atmosphere and children���s entertainment throughout the day (July).

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