Grandhotel Giessbach stars


Mittel Arni: Sörenberg - Rothorn, Eisee

Mittel Arni: Sörenberg - Rothorn, Eisee

Brienz: Giessbach-Axalp

Brienz: Giessbach-Axalp

Brienz: Dorf Fischerbrunnenplatz

Brienz: Dorf Fischerbrunnenplatz

A splendid residence in a unique location: The legendary Grand Hotel combines the charm of the turn of the century before last with modern comfort. The cuisine at the Park restaurant, which overlooks the waterfall is just as exclusive as the view. Elegant banquet rooms and quiet conference rooms, 22 hectares of gardens and parks and a natural swimming pool round off the offerings.




Waterfalls, mountains and the lake are close enough to touch, and a private boat landing stage and funicular railway add to the nostalgic experience of this journey. Building and furniture were restored and Belle Epoque charm is evident everywhere in this great monument to the art of hospitality. This historic hotel has 70 romantic rooms and a restaurant with a large terrace.


Historic hotel of the year 2004

This impressive palace hotel was built between 1873 and 1875 from plans by the Bernese architect Horace Edouard Davinet. Its current appearance dates back to renovations done after a big fire in 1883. The hotel was a flourishing wellness resort up to WWI. Thereafter it started a long decline, until it finally faced demolition. In 1983, the Franz Weber foundation bought the hotel and through a series of renovations that lasted until 1988, expertly restored it to its former lustre. The location of the hotel is absolutely unique, both for its setting against the background of a waterfall, the mountains and the lake, and for its structural integration into its environment, with its private boat landing stage and a funicular railway. The original structure has been lavishly restored, with vividly reproduced historic facades and generous public rooms with new baroque interiors. Furniture that was made available through donations completes the success of the renovations. Thanks to marketing efforts underlining the monumental quality of this estate which has been saved in such an exemplary fashion, the Giessbach Hotel has become an object of reference for issues regarding the historic hotels of Switzerland.


超棒的豪华酒店。 酒店环境和建筑都非常好,服务也很友善。 受情侣欢迎。

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