The Inn on the Glas Pass



For many centuries the 1880-meter-high Glas Pass between Heinzenberg and Piz Beverin was the most important connection between Thusis in the Domleschg Valley and the remote Safien Valley.




To the North the valley was blocked off by the Versamer Gorge, and to the South the Piz Tomül, Bärenhorn and Mt. Safier did the job. The Walser migrated eastwards over this pass, and merchants crossed it, bringing many products to the valley. These days there is a road that connects Thusis to the small lake on the Glas Pass. In the middle of a flower-filled meadow there lies the Mountain Hotel Beverin, an ideal place for those seeking to commune with nature in the remote quiet. And for those simply looking for a superb view: there is always the sun-terrace which lives up to its name.

How to get there:
By car or public transportation from Chur via Thusis/Tschappina. Post Bus to Obertschappina.