Fleurier - Val-de-Travers

Cyclists with horses in the Freiberge region of the Jura

Cyclists with horses in the Freiberge region of the Jura

濒临法国边界的汝拉第一山脉后面的Val de Travers绿色仙子(山谷)再次让人感受令人窒息的美景,山谷两边神秘的森林为当地人讲述迷人传奇和神话故事营造了一种自然的氛围。当人们骑车行驶在影影绰绰的单线路径上,常常会感受到一些神奇的魔力,毕竟,她犹如一个在当地流传的美好的童话,可能随时在大树后面显现出来,挥舞着她的魔杖。如果您不相信,可以骑上您的自行车,亲自去探寻这仿佛从画册中变幻出来的美丽山谷。




旅行的起点和终点: Fleurier火车站
技术要求: 容易
身体条件要求: 中等难度
路程: 24 公里
总海拔: 300 米
骑行时间: 01:45 - 02:30 (小时,分钟)
起点和终点海拔: 741 米
季节: 三月到九月
提供美食的地方: Fleurier、Travers、Couvet、Môtiers
提供住宿的地方: Fleurier、Couvet
其他: Travers的Asphalt 矿藏


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提示 提示

Fleurier - Vex Château - Travers - Asphaltminen - Couvet - Fleurier

From Fleurier railway station ride alongside the tracks up into the valley. Turn left at the junction and follow the red biking sign. Once you�ve left the village behind you, turn left again at the edge of the wood and head towards the �vieux château� near Môtiers. At the château you need to make a sharp right turn down a narrow path and then get onto the wider forest trail. The uphill route takes you to a forest clearing before you come to a further very steep and quite challenging ascent. This is followed by a marvellous single trail featuring several spectacular vantage points. A fairly long downhill (partly along a road, the rest across trails and paths) takes you to Travers. Turn left just before you hit the locality, then keep to the river as you cycle up the valley. Continue past the asphalt mines and head towards Couvet, always keeping alongside the River Areuse. The tour (No. 761) is well signposted.

Pictures: Stefan Scherrer

精心策划的旅行将为您带来最大的快乐和享受。请在出发前用几分钟联系当地信息中心,查询有关线路和天气条件。 您选择的线路可能因为天气原因或开放时间影响部分关闭或完全不开放。