fishing licence, Champéry

fishing licence

Fishing / line fishing (with license)

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Introduce yourself to the joy of fishing in the rivers and mountain lakes of the region! Live the peaceful atmosphere which reigns at the edge of the Rhone, of Vièze, or the Lakes Antème and The Lac vert...

Nevertheless there are resting days to be respected: Tuesday and Friday!



The licences for one day or a weekend are valid from the 2nd Sunday of March until November 25th 2007, except from the time of June 3th till June 10th 2007.

From October 28th 2007 on fishing is only authorized in the mountain lakes.


Licence for one day :
Adults : Sfr. 30.-
Children (from 14 to 16 years) :Sfr. 23.-

Licence for one weekend:
Adults : Sfr. 50.-
Children (from 14 to 16 years) : Sfr. 37.50