Chalet d’Adrien stars


Martigny vue sur le catogne

Martigny vue sur le catogne

Place Centrale de Martigny

Place Centrale de Martigny

Chalet d’Adrien*****



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It was over 100 years ago that Baron Adrien de Turckheim, car manufacturer and designer, dreamed of there being a hotel in Verbier. His granddaughter, Brigitte, made this dream come true, and this led to the Chalet d’Adrien with its breathtaking views. Here the senses are celebrated, right down to the dishes where the Italianate cuisine scales culinary heights with its tagliolini with truffles and roasted langoustine and other dishes.


100年多前,Baron Adrien de Turckheim这位汽车制造者和设计师希望在韦尔毕耶建造一间旅馆。他的孙女Brigitte让他梦想成真,建造了Chalet d’Adrien旅馆,周围景色极其壮观。这里让人的感官都得到满足,意式菜肴如龙虾松露意大利面让人沉浸在享用美食带来的乐趣之中。